The EURIAS Call for applications 2018-2019 is now closed. All the applicants accounts are blocked.

The European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) Fellowship Programme offers 10-month residencies — mainly in the Humanities and Social sciences — in 19 European cities. For more information click on the map below or check the list of participating Institutes.


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    Big Data, Crime and Social Control

    Aleš Završnik (ed.), Routledge Frontiers of Criminal Justice, 50, Abingdon- New York, 230 pages, 2017. 


    From predictive policing to self-surveillance to private security, the potential uses to of big data in crime control pose serious legal and ethical challenges relating to privacy, discrimination, and the presumption of innocence. The book is about the impacts of the use of big data analytics on social and...

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    Electing the Pope in Early Modern Italy, 1450-1700

    Miles Pattenden

    Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017.


    Electing the Pope in Early Modern Italy, 1450-1700 reassesses the history of early modern papacy through the first major analytical study of the papal election in English. Papal elections, with their ceremonial pomp and high drama, are compelling theatre, but, until now, no one has analysed them on the basis of the problems they...

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    'Integration of individual and social information for decision-making in groups of different sizes'

    Seongmin A. Park, Sidney Goïame, David A. O'Connor, Jean-Claude Dreher

    PLoS Biol 15(6): e2001958, Published: June 28, 2017



    When making judgments in a group, individuals often revise their initial beliefs about the best judgment to make given what others believe. Despite the ubiquity...

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    Christine Helmer was  awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Theology by the Theology Faculty of the University of Helsinki on June 2017. 


    Professor Christine Helmer (b. 1965) is Arthur E. Andersen Teaching and Research Professor, and Professor of German and Religious Studies at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois (USA). Her research focuses on the historical and intellectual significance of academic theology as well as on the...

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    Ethical Aspects of 20th-century Norwegian Environmental Philosophies

    Silviya Serafimova, Avangard Prima, Sofia, 2017, 602 pages


    The aim of this monograph is to reveal the complex development of 20th-century Norwegian environmental philosophies from a comparative perspective by outlining not only the role of the similar philosophical premises they derive from, but also how the differences in the chosen strategies affected the changes in...

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    The EURIAS Fellowship Programme welcomes the Polish Institute of Advanced Studies (PIASt)


    The new Consortium of European Institutes for Advanced Study Fellowship Programme brings together 19 institutes for Advanced Study in Europe: Aahrus, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bologna, Budapest, Cambridge, Delmenhorst, Edinburgh, Freiburg, Helsinki, Jerusalem, Lyon, Madrid, Marseille, Paris, Uppsala, Vienna, Warsaw & Zürich.