New publication by Evanghelia Stead, 2014/15 EURIAS fellow


Reconsidering "Little" versus "Big" Periodicals, JEPS, 1: 2, ESPRit (European Society for Periodical Research), 2016, special issue. EAN13: 25066587.

The second issue of JEPS (Journal of European Periodical Studies), an open-access, peer-reviewed journal published by ESPRit (European Society for Periodical Research) reconsiders the much debated question of “little reviews” and “big magazines”.


The issue opens with a comparative introduction that sets the expressions "petite revue" and "little magazine" in historical perspective, discusses the methodological problems of approaching the media field through these notions, and refers to new approaches to periodicals, before presenting in detail the logic of the special issue itself.


In the latter, two articles by young researchers rediscuss with the help of archival documents two "little" magazines, The Evergreen published by P. Geddes in Edinburgh, and La Plume, launched by Léon Deschamps in Paris, showing why the term "little" is not appropriate. A third article shows how fin-de-siècle culture is introduced in the Revue illustrée, a bourgeois magazine of wide circulation. The particular roles of advertising in a sample of avant-garde Belgian and French magazines between the fin-de-siècle and surrealism are the subject of a fourth study. The reception of the American avant-gardes in the first Life, the New York magazine of wide circulation, closes the issue. All five studies seek to show how the so-called "elite" and "mass" cultures come in contact, dialogue and influence each other.


The articles are based on first-hand research, a comparative and contextualized approach to the media field, and methodological discussions emanating from the TIGRE seminar.


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Introduction: Reconsidering 'Little' versus 'Big' Periodicals

Evanghelia Stead

Funding and the Making of Culture: The Case of the Evergreen (1895-1897)

Elisa Grilli

From Pen to Feather: The Transformation of the Plume into a Limited Company

Philipp Leu

The Economics of Illustration: The Illustrated Review in the 1890s

Evanghelia Stead

Advertisements in French and Belgian 'Little Reviews', 1890-1930: Visual Techniques and Design

Hélène Védrine

Mainstreaming the Avant-Garde: Modernism in Life Magazine (New York, 1883-1936)

Céline Mansanti

Guest editor:
Evanghelia Stead