Marco Mostert

senior fellow
EURIAS cohort 2018/2019
discipline History Middle Ages
Professor of Medieval History, Utrecht University

Research project

Communication in the Margins of Medieval Society


Despite much attention being paid over the last decades to medieval literacy and communication, hardly any attention has been given to the ways those in the margins of medieval society communicated among themselves and with those who had established themselves at the centre of society. And yet there is information available for the study of the non-verbal, oral, and written communication by beggars and vagabonds, robbers and thieves, gypsies and lepers - to name but a few of the groups living at the edge of society. This research proposal will study marginal groups from the perspective of literacy and communication. A provisional synthesis of this new field of study will be written, allowing an attempt to interest fellow scholars to engage in the development of this topic.



Marco Mostert is Professor of Medieval History, Medieval Written Culture, in the Department of History and Art History of the  Utrecht University. He holds a Dr. In Arts from the University of Amsterdam.

He directed a so-called 'Pionier project' on Medieval Literacy. His research focuses on medieval written culture and communication, with attention for the relations between non-verbal, oral and written forms of communication. Among other topics, het is interested in the magic of writing, intellectuals in the early Middle Ages, the history of (medieval) libraries and the transmission of medieval (Latin) texts.


Selected publications


'Medieval Sermons as Forms of Communication - Between Written Text and Oral Performance', in A. Heneveld, C. Meli & G. Aubert (eds),  L'éloquence de la chaire entre écriture et oralité (XIIIe-XVIIIe siècles), Honore Champion, Paris, 2018, pp. 23-35.


'Entre la destrucción circunstancial y la intencionada - La desaparición de textos y sus manuscritos en el occidente medieval', in J. Vergara Ciordia & A. Sala Villaverde (eds),  Censura y libros en la edad moderna, Dykinson , Madrid, 2017, pp. 401-416.


'Kennis, geleerdheid en wetenschap in Europe, 300-1000 n. Chr. / Knowledge, scholarship and science in Europe, AD 300-1000', in M. Bormpoudaki et al. (eds), Crossroads - Reizen door de Middeleeuwen, W Books, Zwolle, 2017, pp. 162-171.


A Bibliography of Works on Medieval Communication, Brepols, Turnhout, 2012.


In de marge van de beschaving: De geschiedenis van Nederland, 0-1100 , Bert Bakker, Amsterdam, 2009.



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