Moshe Semyonov

senior fellow
EURIAS cohort 2014/2015
discipline Sociology
Professor of Sociology, University of Tel-Aviv & University of Illinois at Chicago

Research project

Multi-Dimensional Approach to the Study of Immigrants Integration into Western Europe


The major goal of the proposed project is to conduct a systematic investigation and to plan and design a future research project on incorporation of immigrants into West European countries. The study will be conducted within a cross-national comparative framework and will examine, not only the impact of immigrants’ ethnic origin, generation and gender on labor market outcomes but also on other aspects of social life such as quality of life, health, happiness, and general life satisfaction. To this end, using quantitative analysis methods and drawing on the data obtained from national representative samples in “old-immigration” countries in Europe (data are readily available in the European Social Surveys) the proposed project would focus on inter-generational patterns of incorporation of immigrants of different ethnic and cultural origin. The rise in the size of immigrant populations and the presence of immigrants in society has become one of the most frequently discussed social issues in many Western European countries. Questions about their presence in Europe, their impact on society and their terms of inclusion in the social system have been transformed from an economic and labor market problem to a political issue and to problems related to national and cultural identity of the nation states. I intend to apply model of 'segmented assimilation' to examine patterns of integration of immigrants of European and non-European origin, those of Christian and Muslim denomination, and first and second generation male and female immigrants. A tenure as an ISA fellow would enable me to interact with my Zurich colleagues on a daily basis and to establish a network of researchers from other European countries (e.g. Germany, Holland, Norway, and Spain). Through workshops and seminars I plan co-operation among researchers and to design a major cross-national comparative project. I have been in touch with several colleagues and they all seem enthusiastic about the possibility to work together and advance knowledge on this important topic.




Moshe Semyonov is Bernard and Audre Rapoport Chair Professor of the Sociology of Labor at Tel Aviv University where he teaches in the Department of Sociology and the Department of Labor Studies. He is also Professor of Sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He holds a Ph.D in Sociology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.  


His main research interests lie in the areas of comparative social stratification and mobility, on structural sources of social and economic inequalities and on international labor migration. His current research focuses on the dynamics of ethnic, gender and socioeconomic inequality (mostly in the labor market), on inequality in the distribution of wealth, and on causes and consequences of labor migration in the global economy.


Selected publications


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