Madrid Institute for Advanced Study (MIAS)

city / country: 
Madrid, Spain


Autonomous University of Madrid

Casa de Velázquez

C/. Paul Guinard, 3

28040 Madrid


Tel. +34 (0)91 455 15 80

Contact person: Clémance Genet

The MIAS is a newly established research center affiliated with the Autonomous University of Madrid (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), in partnership with the Casa de Velázquez.

Fellows pursue their own independent research agenda but are also encouraged to make meaningful intellectual connections with each other and with the local/regional academic community. Each year 20-25 fellows (both at the junior and senior levels) are selected through a rigorous selection process to spend a research period between  2 or 10 months in residence. 

Premises and facilities: 

The Institute is situated in the attractive intellectual and cultural community of the city of Madrid. Fellows live and work in the beautifully located Casa de Velazquez Guesthouse in Madrid, within walking distance of Madrid´s historic city centre.

The fellows of the MIAS benefit from workspaces and access to IT infrastructure, in-house research facilities. They have also also full access to the library, IT technology and intellectual resources of the Autonomous University of Madrid (Cantoblanco Campus, 15km to the north of Madrid).

Comprehensive support includes support with conference organisation. To work, exchange ideas or organise workshops, the residents can use the communal areas in the Casa de Velazquez: a meeting room and a conference room (seating 60 and equipped with projector, PA system and audio/video recording equipment) on the ground floor, and a dining/function room, lounge and communal kitchen on the 3rd floor.

Scientific priorities: 

The program is open to all disciplines in the fields of the humanities and social sciences. The candidates should demonstrate, besides scientific excellence, novelty of the research proposal and the interconection with local research.

Opening to sciences outside the humanities and social sciences: 

All proposals must fall within the humanities and social sciences.